White, Ginger

Welcome to Mrs. White's
Middle School & High School

Ginger White
354-3760 x4158

 High School:  LHS's advanced choir, Mane Event,  meets off campus.  Mrs. White is the director.  If you wish to contact her, please email whiteg@lynden.wednet.edu or contact her at the middle school - 354-3760 x4158.  The general choir, Paws & Listen  is currently under the direction of Mr. Herrick - HS Band director.  Please email him at herricks@lynden.wednet.edu if you have questions regarding the general choir.  
Lion's Pride Glee Club:  Will resume on Fridays to work on solos & duets only.  
6th grade choir:  Nice job on our first concert, 6th graders!  Right now we will be working on SmartMusic assessments and starting our music for our June 6th concert!

7th and 8th grade drama students:  Project 3 Monologue Performances will begin on Tuesday, 4/26.  Please make sure you are prepared by being memorized, and included in your rehearsal an intro, vocal expression, body language & stage business! 


My Current Schedule:

1st Period: MS   Plan
2nd Period: MS 8th Drama
3rd Period: MS
Lion's Growl
6th Choir
4th Period: MS 7th Choir
HS Paws & Listen
8th Period HS  Access