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What is Family Access?
Family Access is now available in the Lynden Middle School!
Lynden Middle School dedicates this site to all parents and guardians who want to be more involved with their child’s education. With the Family Access web portal, you can review your child’s progress with just a “point and click” from your home or office.
Parents and guardians now have access to a variety of student information, such as student schedules, attendance, discipline, grades,and history, vaccinations, and student and family demographics.
There is no need to wait until parent-teacher conferences; with this up-to-the-minute information you can be a more proactive member your child's educational team. Staff email addresses are provided through Family Access for your convenience if you have a question or need an answer prior to parent-teacher conferences which will take place during the school year. Your Family Access password and user name will work for all children who live in your household.
We welcome you to Family Access, and hope you will find this application an important part of your ongoing relationship with Lynden Middle School.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q ~ Why should I use Family Access? 
A ~ Family Access is a web based tool designed to enhance parent/guardian and school communication. Your use of the Family Access website is voluntary.
Q ~ Does Family Access cost money or is there a fee that I have to pay? 
A ~ Family Access is provided free as a service of the Lynden Public Schools.
Q ~ Can other people see my child's personal information on Family Access? 
A ~ Family Access is password protected. As long as you keep your password safe it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to access or view your child's personal information.
Q ~ Does Family Access create a lot of extra work for school staff? 
A ~ Family Access does create some extra work, but not as much as you might think. In a nutshell, everything school staff do is now done in "real time". We have always taken attendance, but now absences and tardies show up on Family Access almost as soon as the data inputted. When our secondary report cards are on line, the same data that was used before (and the same processes that were used before) will generate instant results. In many ways, there is no "new" work, just "different" work.
Q ~ I can't get Family Access to work on my computer; what should I do? 
A ~ Family Access is a web based product, so it should work on your computer like any other web based application, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. First, you should check to make sure you have the right Family Access web site address, or URL. You can access the Family Access web portal from Lynden Middle School "school page" at: < > or from < >. Occasionally, the Family Access web server may be down for maintenance. This will usually take place after 9:00 p.m. on Friday night until 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. If you get an error message, please try again as needed.
Q ~ When I log on to Family Access, I lose my connection after three to five minutes. Why? 
A ~ Family Access has a default security setting that will terminate your connection if your computer is idle for longer than three to five minutes. This feature is designed to protect against unauthorized access and can not be changed.
Q ~ Are all of Lynden's schools on Family Access? 
A ~ Right now just Lynden Middle School and Lynden High School provides Family Access as a service to parents and guardians.
Q ~ I have forgotten my user name and/or lost my password, what should I do? 
A ~ To ensure security and confidentiality, please call Lynden Middle School office 354-2952. You will be issued a new password, which you will need to pick up in person at your child's school. Your user name will stay the same, and you will receive both a new password and a reminder of your user name from your child's school.
Q ~ With all the talk about Internet safety and security, how do I know Family Access is safe? 
A ~ Family Access uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption as the security layer for data presented on the Web. This is the same encryption system used by sites that accept credit card numbers and other personal data that must be secure. The District's Family Access Administrator is responsible for setting security and access to student records, as determined by District procedure. Each individual, whether student, parent, or staff member, must be given a user name and password and be designated as a member of a household linked to a student in order to view Family Access information.
Q ~ What student records are displayed in Family Access, and how long are they kept? 
A ~ Lynden Middle School displays the following student information in Family Access. The length of time records are retained is shown in parenthesis: Attendance data (deleted annually from Family Access; kept on file six years as per state law) 
Discipline data (deleted annually from Family Access; kept on file for three years as per state law) Daily grade data (deleted annually from Family Access; retained one year) Student schedule (deleted annually from Family Access; not retained) 
Student demographic information (retained and kept current on Family Access as long as your student is enrolled in the Lynden Public Schools; kept on file 100 years as per state law)