Lynden Middle School Counseling Office

Lynden Middle School Counselors are here to help all students achieve academic, social/emotional, and career/college success. We are also liaisons between the school, home, and community. Some of the support and prevention services we provide are:
Individual and group counseling
Counseling referrals
Classroom guidance
Prevention activities throughout the year

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us for more specific questions.

How can the counselor help me?
Why would I go to see the counselor?
How do I make an appointment to see the counselor?
Am I in trouble if I get called to see the counselor?
What is confidentiality?
Where are your offices?
 How can the counselor help me?

• The counselor can help a student become more successful by meeting and problem solving certain issues.
•The counselors provide individual, group counseling, and classroom presentations to help students cope with personal, social, and academic struggles. Some of the topics covered in group and classroom presentations are; anger management, dealing with bullies, friendship skills, academic skills, and building self-esteem.
• The counselors help make the transition from 5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade easier.
• The counselors can help you start to think about what you might want to do after high school. They can provide information about certain careers and pathways to help students become successful citizens in their communities.

Why would I go see the counselor?
There are many reasons you might want to see the counselor. Here are a few examples:
• I am struggling in school and want to improve my grades
• Someone is bullying me
• I am having a bad day and just need to talk
• I am worried about a friend
• I got in a fight with someone at home
• I am not getting along with my friends or a classmate
• Someone is pressuring me to do something that I don’t want to do
• Someone close to me died and I don’t know how to deal with it
• Career information

How do I make an appointment to see the counselor?
There are many ways you can make an appointment to see the counselor.

• Stop by one of our offices or speak to us directly (lunch and break times are a
 great time to come see us). 
• Fill out an appointment sheet in the main office.
• Leave a note, email, or call.

Am I in trouble if I get called down to the counseling office?
No. You are never in trouble if you get called down to the school counseling office. We have many different reasons why we might want to check-in with you.

What is confidentiality?
Many students are worried that if they talk with the counselor, the counselor will tell their teachers or other adults about their conversation.  School counselors work under what is called limits of confidentiality. We will not talk about your problems or issues with anyone else unless it falls under one of three issues:
You are going to harm yourself
You are being harmed by someone else
You are planning on harming someone else

These are the only times we will break confidentiality without talking with you first.
Where are your offices?
Mrs. Lupo's office is located just inside the cafeteria, off the main hallway.
Mrs. Bartlett's office is in the main hallway, around the corner from the main office. 
If our doors are closed, we are either with a student or are out of the office. Please knock first or fill out an appointment sheet and we will try to get to you as soon as possible.