LMS Comprehensive Counseling Program

At Lynden Middle School, we strive to help all students become successful learners to ensure lifelong success.  We believe all students have the capacity to learn and be supported through career, academic, and emotional/social development.  The middle school counseling program supports all students through a comprehensive and developmental counseling program.  We deliver our program by following the standards of accomplished practice for school counselors.  
The delivery system describes the methods and activities that are necessary to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program. 
Guidance and Curriculum
The guidance curriculum consists of lessons designed to assist students in achieving the desired competencies and skills appropriate for their developmental level.  Through classroom and group activities, the overall curriculum is integrated throughout the school to enhance students knowledge and skills. 
Individual Student Planning
Our school counselors systematically monitor students' academic progress and provide one on one counseling for emotional/social development. The counselors coordinate activities designed to assist students in establishing goals and developing future plans.
Responsive Services
Responsive services consists of activities to meet the students' immediate needs. These needs are often necessitated by events in the students life and require counseling, consultation, and referral.  
Systems Support
This component of the counseling program consists of consultation, collaboration, teaming, and professional development to enhance the total school counseling program.