Counselor Connection

                      Counselor Connection 

 7th grade I AM Project:  Mrs. Lupo has just compeleted the I AM Project with all 7th graders.  This project emphasizes the power of our words and is a class project meant to shatter stereotypes and labels that have been placed on us.  Students learn what it means to empathize with others and that other students' struggles are not so different from our own.  The end result is a powerful display of words that promote the wonderful qualities that make each of us unique. 


6th grade presentations:  Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Lupo have completed their October visits to the 6th grade classrooms.  The theme for October was "Pep Talk."  Students explored academic and personal goals and what skills are needed to be a successful student.  Students also discussed character qualities and the importance of PRIDE.  Each student created a goal which is displayed in their classroom.  November visits are underway and the theme is centered around respect and "Starting the Ripple,"  Students commit to one act of kindness they can actively carry out which will start the ripple effect.  Look for the display in the cafeteria at the end of November!

Cyber Safety Community presentation:  Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Lupo had the unique opportunity to present alongside a Bellingham detective to the community.  The counselors discussed the impact of social media on our youth.  The presentation focused on how to help our children navigate their screen world and how it relates to what we see at Lynden Middle School.  If there are future topics you would like the counselors to address, they welcome your feedback!

Academic Support Class:  Mrs. Bartlett has been going into the academic support classes weekly to address goals, stress management, and character qualities.  This support is provided throughout the year and addresses the social/emotional needs that often impact a student's ability to learn. 






Each year, the counseling department receives funds from InvestEd to help students in need.  Funds can be used for anything from school supplies to clothing.  If you have a financial need, please contact Laura Lupo for further assistance. 
Visit their website at

InvestED provides funding that supports the efforts of secondary schools throughout Washington state.  We partner with 660 schools and assist more than 16,500 students with small amounts of short-term, item-specific, need-based funding – items such as shoes, coats, glasses, sports equipment, and academic fees. 

Our mission is to provide immediate help for students in need. Our goal is to encourage students to stay in school, return to school, or get involved within their learning community.  

college bound
COLLEGE BOUND SCHOLARSHIP -  You must apply by June 30th of your 8th grade year

The College Bound Scholarship program encourages low-income, middle school students to choose a path that will lead to educational success after high school.

The program promises tuition (at public institution rates) and a small book allowance for
income-eligible students who sign up in 7th or 8th grade, work hard in school, stay out of legal trouble, and successfully apply to a higher education institution when they graduate

If you are eligible, you and your parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the application while you are in 7th or 8th grade.  Call 1-888-535-0747 or apply online at