LMS Art Club

LMS Art Club meets every Thursday all school year from 2:15-4:00 pm.
Students are shown basic clay hand building in the beginning of the year.  8th graders may begin throwing on the potter's wheel.  Students pay a fee for the year that covers some of the cost of the earthenware clay,polymer (Sculpey) clay, paper, paint, markers, colored pencils, pastel,and any other medium needed for projects as students feel inspired to dream up. 
The club is very much a young artist's independent work shop.  In the Spring Art Club members are asked if they wish to help out with the annual LMS Art Show which is held at a community venue.  Our art show is held at the Lynden Pioneer Museum, downtown Lynden in May.
Parents are invited to come and help out with art club.  This year our membership has grown to over 70 students!
Hurray for the Arts!  
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