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Welcome to Mrs. Medcalf's Class

I love being a math teacher!  They say that when you love your job you never work a day in your life.  Each morning I wake up thankful that I have the opportunity to do something so amazing.  It is a blessing to work in the Lynden community with caring, supportive families.  

Find everything online!  Missing worksheets?  Online!  Missed school?  Find out what we did in class and keep from falling behind.  All information is in Skyward.  Find the assignment and there will either be a page number and problems numbersl, or look for the paperclip icon to download an attached worksheet.
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Click HERE to download a copy of the 7th Grade Math course syllabus.
1st Period: Media (Photo and Video Production)
2nd Period: 7th Grade Math
3rd Period: 7th Grade Math
4th Period: 8th Grade Algebra
5th Period: 7th Grade Math
6th Period: 7th Grade Math 
I "mustache" you a question...
 I "mustache" you a question...
PARENTS! Please take the time to go over to the Remind ( website and sign up for reminders from me about your students' class.  It is a simple and effective way for you to stay aware of what is going on in the classroom academically. Also, I will attempt to send home a letter at the beginning of each week with a few sample problems of what we will be learning so that you can better assist your student.

Class code for 7th grade math (all periods)...text @fgfk9f to 81010
Class Code for 8th Grade Algebra ... text @82e3d3 to 81010

I am available before and after school for assistance with homework and test study.  Please do not hesitate to come and see me for additional help! Oh, and if you happen to see any fun math cartoons be sure to cut them out and bring them in.
7th grade students can access their textbooks and the occasional assignment online at:
They must have the user and password information that they created in class.  Hopefully this is recorded and pasted into the front of their composition book.  If not, please send me an email and I will do what I can to assist you! 

WATCH THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO FOR HOW TO ACCESS BIG IDEAS ONLINE (including the textbook with links to sample videos)

BIG IDEAS PDF files for 7th Grade by Chapter
Chapter 1 Integers
 Chapter 2 Rational Numbers
Chapter 3 Expressions and Equations
Chapter 4 Inequalities
Chapter 5 Ratios and Proportions
Chapter 6 Percents
Chapter 7 Constructions and Scale Drawings
Chapter 8 Circles and Area
Chapter 9 Surface Area and Volume
Chapter 10 Probability and Statistics

BIG IDEAS PDF FILES 8th grade chapters
Chapter 1 Equations
Chapter 2 Transformations
Chapter 3 Angles and Triangles
Chapter 4 Graphing and Writing Linear Equations
Chapter 5 Systems of Linear Equations
Chapter 6 Functions
Chapter 7 Pythagorean Theorem
Chapter 8 Volume and Similar Solids
Chapter 9 Data Analysis and Displays
Chapter 10 Exponents and Scientific Notation

OneNote and Microsoft Office 365 online access
Click here to go to Microsoft Office 365 Sign In
Be sure to sign in for the school or work account.
Login is [student school computer user name]
Password is [student school computer password]
Watch the following video to find out more about how to install Office products on your home computer at no charge.

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