Each trimester all art students must complete 4 or more drawings of their choice of any real subject. These may be done at home and in class when main projects have been finished.  These 4 drawings will be due shortly after midterm and the exact due date announced in class.  Extra drawings will count toward extra credit points. 

Students will use a photo or the actual object as the source for their drawing.  Comics, cartoon characters, logos or any other subject that is not from reality or is from the creation of another artist are not allowed for this assignment.  REALISTIC style is our goal for these drawings.  Strive for the following in these pencil drawings:

  1. Use the side of a wooden pencil as much as possible.
  2. Use a blending stump.
  3. Use your eyes to inform your drawing hand, compare at arm's length often!
  4. Draw lightly at first, render your darkest values last! Fill the page, make it as large as you can!
  5. Show a VARIETY of Values  (how light hits the subject) throughout your drawings.
  6. Match your pencil/blending stump movements to the textures you see in your source.
  7. Erase out light areas because they may have been smudged with darker values nearby.
  8. Darken the darkest values to add CONTRAST, this'll make your drawing pop!
  9. Make sure your subject's outside edges match the inside positive space, avoid a cartoonish outlined effect!  (a black outlined edge will bring down drawing scores)
  10. Sign your work in a lower right corner close to the image!